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We carry a large selection of products including: Windmills, Fish Food, Aeration Equipment, Feeders, Water Treatments... and of course, Fish!

windmill NEW! Aerator/Diffuser - We have designed this new aerator to be rugged and maintenance free. We placed a disk-type air diffuser (which has over 6000 tiny pin holes in its menbrane) into a 5 gallon pail. The pail is weighted on the botton and has a duck decoy mounted to the bucket handle for easy location and movement. The pail has a 1/2 inch barbed fitting to attach air line to. This diffuser sits on the pond's bottom and aerates the whole colomn of water with tiny bubbles of fresh air. This makes fish very happy and healthy throughout the entire pond. $119.95
diffuser Linear Air Compressor - Low cost! continuous duty air compressor Runs on 96 watts very efficient with few moving parts. A great value and will provide many years of service. $399.95
PVC hose 1/2" PVC Self-Weighted Air Hose - EasyPro thick wall, nonkinking PVC weighted hose is ideal for use in aeration systems. Greatly reduces installation time! 100ft. roll. Call for other sizes. $229
40 gal feeder 40 Gallon Directional Fish Feeder - About 150lb capacity and throws feed up to 50 feet in one direction. It's six volt, easy to program. One to six feedings per day. Varmint proof. Batteries and solar panel sold separately. $259.95
6 gal feeder 6 Gallon Directional Fish Feeder - About 25lb capacity and throws feed up to 40 feet in one direction. It's six volt, easy to program. One to six feedings per day. Varmint proof and even comes with a 4 year warranty. $159
fish trap Fish Box Trap - Our square box trap has two funnels. This trap has proven itself to be one of the best traps we offer for catching minnows and small fish. Size: 24" x 24" x 18"h $169.95
Fish Feed Zeigler Fish Feeds - Founded in 1935 by brothers Ty and Leroy Zeigler, the company originated as a local producer of poultry and livestock feeds. In 1967, Dr. Thomas Zeigler (son of Leroy) assumed leadership as President and changed the strategic direction from commodity feeds to emphasis on research and development of specialty animal and aquatic diets. Call for $
aquashaddow AquaShadow - This is a blue powdered packet. It is a throwable packet which is self dissolving upon water contact. Also used for aesthetics and to keep sunlight from penatrating water to reduce weed growth. Four packets per box. One box treats between 1 and 1.4 million gallons of water. $59.95
cutrine Cutrine Liquid - Used for all algaes and chara in any ponds. Application rate is 1 gallon per 1 million gallons of water. Comes in 1 gallon containers. $39.95
cygnet Cygnet Select Pond Die - All natural organic blue water colorant. Comes in gallon container. $49.95
earthtec EarthTec Algaecide & Bactericide - This product works great in all ponds for control of all kinds of algae. The product is self-dispersing and stays active for up to 30 days. Keeps your pond healthy all year round. Comes in 2 1/2 gallon or 5 gallon containers. Easy to apply. $109.95
hydrothol Hydrothol 191 Granular Algaecide & Herbicide - Can be used for all algaes and for up to ten different types of pond weeds. Great for spot treatment around piers and places you want to fish. Comes in a 20 resealable bag and is childproof. $99.95
sidekick Side-Kick - Surfactant to be used when applying chemicals to weeds above the water line to adhere the chemical to the plant. qt container $22.95
shoreklear ShoreKlear - This product is used to control cattails and unwanted grasses around your pond. Comes in quarts and one quart usually treats a 1/2 acre pond. Better when used with Sidekick Surfactant. $59.95
fishpond Fish Condo - As the name implies, this structure is exactly what fish look for in order to hide and stay safe from bigger fish in your pond. They need a place like this until they grow big enough! $49.95

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Saugeye no longer available

As you may recall, we used to sell saugeye but due to spotty supply, we are taking them "off the menu" so to speak. FYI.

Pond Consulting

We are also no longer providing pond consulting services. I apologize for the inconvenience but my fish business has grown so fast that is all I have time for anymore. Thanks for understanding!